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Sensor Modules

TouchNetix touchscreen modules are designed for use in the harshest environments, and behave flawlessly in critical applications. The TouchNetix aXiom user interface chip excels in all areas of performance making the engineering design-in task simple even in the most demanding applications. We proudly offer standard touchscreens  from 7.0” through 21”, but can build your custom touchscreen module at any dimension up to 65”.

Our sensors are constructed from two-layers of ITO on 0.7mm Glass substrates, providing an extremely robust structure with excellent optical properties. These sensors are typically optically bonded to a chemically strengthened & decorated 2-4mm thick cover lens providing a very robust and fully tested module which is ready to integrate into end user products. The sensors have a ‘passive tail and use a custom-designed driver board which uses a state of the art aXiom™ IC and which provides the user with access to I2C or USB interfaces.

Our projected capacitive touchscreen products make the design-in process easy. Our modules comply with the rigorous requirements of the EN61000 4-6 Class A EMC specification out of the box and are manufactured in the UK using the latest manufacturing technologies on a highly flexible production line.

Touchscreens are provided as standard products in modular form to provide engineers an easy, fast and straightforward way to incorporate multi-touch touchscreen capability into their design, speeding time to market. We also provide 3D proximity and hover sensing, force-sensing and haptic feedback within this solution. As an option, the sensor and electronics can be provided on a stand-alone basis for the end user to integrate with their own lens assembly.

To guarantee successful integration in their end product, users of these products are provided with access to the TouchNetix ‘TouchHub2’ software and hardware toolset which makes evaluation, integration, tuning and testing of the capacitive touch subsystem a seamless process. 

Module Kits come with a sensor, lens, FPC, and the hardware needed. You receive either an Evaluation Kit (EVK) that is meant for development purposes, or a Control Board (CB) that is meant for production usage.

Custom modules can be designed to meet your specific design dimensions and requirements in screen size up to 65”. The typical design process is about 12-14 weeks in total.