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Gaute Myklebust announced as new interim CEO of TouchNetix

Trondheim, Norway, 2nd October 2023 – TouchNetix, a leading provider of user interface chips and next generation touch technology, today announces Pilot ID – an innovative and safety enhancing feature for the aXiom product family. Pilot ID is a low-cost and highly reliable technology which distinguishes between touchscreen users.

Within an automotive cockpit environment, Pilot ID technology reports to the GUI controller additional information about which user is operating the touchscreen. This information can be utilized to enable safety enhancing guiding features and restrictions on the driver and passenger's ability to operate and use the touchscreen whilst driving.

Furthermore, this feature can be enabled as a mid-life upgrade to the system, should new regulatory requirements be introduced to limit the driver’s ability to operate the touchscreen. Additional components are required to implement Pilot ID to the touchscreen system, but these are simple, low cost and importantly do not connect to the touch controller and touchscreen system.

Outside of the automotive environment, Pilot ID can also be used where user privacy or security is important, or where an administrator must control part of a display at the same time as another user.

Peter Sleeman, Engineering Director at TouchNetix commented, “Pilot ID provides new possibilities for our customers and adds another safety enhancing feature to our aXiom chip technology. Crucially, multi-user displays and touch surfaces can harness this feature without any additional sensor technology. We use very low-cost seat integrated signal generators that do not need to be connected to or synchronized with the touch controller in the dashboard or surface.  This makes implementation far easier than other technologies where the touch controller must send timing critical control signals all the way from the touchscreen to the driver and passenger seats.”

Pilot ID supports multiple users simultaneously and can be combined with all other aXiom features including:

  • 3D proximity and hover sensing, enabling air gestures.
  • Unique multi-force sensing and low-latency haptic triggering.
  • Integrated support for Dial-on-Display.
  • Supporting curved shapes, thick lenses and finger guiding overlays.
  • Compatible with smart surfaces, including wood, plastic, foam, and leatherette.
  • Parallel multi-touch and multi-force, enabling safety-enhancing systemic redundancy.

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Graphic showcasing joint driver and passenger use of touchscreen.

Pilot ID Demo

Company Background Info

TouchNetix is a global leader in creating innovative and safety-enhancing user experiences based on touch technology. The aXiom product family creates new and innovative features for modern product development. TouchNetix manufactures chips and touch sensor modules for a world-wide customer base with offices in Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Korea, Taiwan and through several distribution partners.

TouchNetix’s aXiom chips are designed for all markets, including Automotive, Industrial, Appliance, Medical and Consumer markets. In addition to traditional multi-touch capabilities, aXiom enables touchless and 3D sensing above the surface, force-sensing as well as haptic triggering.

TouchNetix has decades of experience with capacitive touch technology and has a proven track record delivering to a global customer base. 

TouchNetix is QMS certified to ISO 9001 with an IATF-16949 certified supply chain, and aXiom chip products are qualified according to AEC-Q100 and are ASIL B ready certified.

Press Contact:

Asa Mallon

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – TouchNetix

Tel: +47 922 62 148