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Ultra-Wide Displays

TouchNetix's AX198A user interface chip enables ultra-wide displays up to 65". Our 'Taranis' demo box shows off some of the features we offer through our aXiom technology. Our solution offers unique and safety-enhancing solutions and offers the markets highest report rate...

Force Sensing

TouchNetix’s unique and patented force-sensing technology is gaining significant momentum in automotive and industrial markets, providing modern and safety-enhancing human-machine interfaces for multiple car original equipment manufacturer platforms...

Touchless User Interfaces

TouchNetix’s single-chip aXiom technology enables proximity sensing 10-15 cm above the surface of the screen. Furthermore, multiple hover gestures are sensed 5-6 cm above the screen. These safety-enhancing functions transform the user interface into an innovative and more intuitive user experience...


While touchscreens are intuitive and simple to use interfaces, some users prefer adding mechanical tactile controls for certain functions...

Water Tolerance

Touchscreens have notoriously struggled to work with any form of water on the screen. However, TouchNetix has the technology to solve your moisture related issues...

Gloved Operation

For cold weather locations, taking off your gloves to use a touchscreen is a major inconvenience. aXiom enables users to keep even the thickest ski gloves from winter on while using their touchscreen...


Our 'hover' technology can sense the users finger outside of the screen using our air tap, swipe and spin functions. We can even detect touch on non-display surfaces where the sensor must be separated from the touch surface with an air gap...

Any Shape

Through our aXiom user interface chips we can accommodate unique shapes and curved lenses, allowing designers to integrate our aXiom technology into any environment...

Smart Surfaces

Our technology can be seamlessly and cost efficiently integrated underneath all types of materials and fabrics, including plastic, wood, leather and glass.

With our market leading signal-to-noise ratio, the aXiom chip family facilitates features including:

  • Touch
  • Force Sensing
  • Proximity
  • Hover
  • Multi-touch

All this can be achieved even with an air gap!

Pilot ID

With Pilot ID you can distinguish between users of a touchscreen or touch surface within a multi-user environment. It also provides menu-reducing features that simplifies user UI's!