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Force Sensing Technology

TouchNetix’ integrated Force-Sensing technology enables accurate and reliable measurements of force on the touchscreen or surface from 0.1 Newton (10 g) to 20 Newton (2000 g). The aXiom technology also offers unique multi-force position sensing down to a spatial separation of 1.5 cm. The superior sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the aXiom chips enables detection of the smallest force signals, with extremely fine precision. The technology also allows a wide range of forces to be detected to cater for all requirements.


TouchNetix offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke touch screen products that meet a number of industrial and specialist needs. Whether it is a manufacturing, medical or marine environment – our touchscreens deal with the toughest challenges. As a UK based manufacturer – all of our touchscreens are of the highest quality and can be configured to offer unique features that can be implemented to meet a wide range of operating requirements. Our product videos below demonstrate some of the important features available when using a TouchNetix screen.

Touchless Technology (less than 1 minute)

A short video highlighting Touchless UI technology which is finding increasing application due to the COVID-19 pandemic

aXiom Water Tolerance

Poor water tolerance has long been a challenge in capacitive touchscreen implementation. The TouchNetix aXiom IC solves all of these problems, allowing the OEM to build systems which work in conditions where liquids are present on the surface of the screen.

aXiom Works With Gloves

For many industrial, automotive and outdoor applications, the user needs to be able to operate the UI when wearing standard gloves. TouchNetix has developed the aXiom IC  to ensure that it can work with a broad range of even the thickest gloves and even in high EMC conditions.

aXiom Supports Dials Over the Display

To make the system more intuitive in use, aXiom supports both passive and active rotating dials which can be placed arbitrarily over the top of the front lens of the display.  This has become interesting in various automotive applications and is also finding use in industrial markets where a fully flat user interface has limitations.

Dials Over the Display UI Example

Enabling more intuitive User Interfaces is important in the context of using touchscreens in a moving vehicle. The aXiom IC supports the use of both passive and active dials over the display, replicating a common non-touch method of providing set-points for features such as temperature or position controls. When co-integrated with aXiom force sensing as shown in this video a simple, seamless UI can be developed.

Touchless UI using aXiom (less than 5 minutes)

The need for touchless UI’s has exploded since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. TouchNetix aXiom technology allows touchless technology to be used seamlessly alongside touch technology with no need for extra hardware or software.


Force sensing touchscreens are screens that can differentiate between intensities of touch, which allow the user to use different layers of information to optimise the user experience. One example application for this is on maps. The user just needs to press the screen with a light continuous touch to bring up a magnified area to allow for better visibility of detail. As the user applies greater force on the screen, the magnified area ‘zooms-in’ for an even more granular view. This is possible even on 100% sealed products.


When inputting information to a system via a touchscreen, versatility and ease-of-use are key. By leveraging our force sensing technology, the user can create different thicknesses of lines just by the pressure applied on the screen in this example application. In the real world, this allows for an application to make use of multi threshold levels or for a true analog output proportional to the pressing force.


Using capacitive touchscreens in some industrial applications has been limited by the ability to use them with gloves. TouchNetix capacitive screens are custom designed and tuned to work with a broad range of gloves, from dexterous latex medical gloves to the heaviest of industrial mitts. This allows the operation of machinery and systems in-situ for a wide range of professional and industrial uses. When combined with our robust technologies that allow for water and other contaminants, this provides a user interface suited to even the harshest of environments.

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