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Appliances & Consumer

Capacitive touchscreens have become the dominant interface for smartphones and are being adopted in a range of other consumer devices. Touchscreens are also an appealing interface for the growing home automation market.

A touchscreen can be integrated into almost any device, replacing mechanical buttons and often reducing the size for a sleeker more appealing design which is easy to clean.

A touchscreen can be built into a refrigerator, wall oven or other appliance, opening up new industrial design options, resulting in a seamless appearance. As well as the aesthetic appeal, other advantages in this type of interface over traditional controls are that they are easy to clean and the lack of moving parts improves the reliability of the product.

The team at TouchNetix has many years of experience working with leading appliance manufacturers and are experts in integrating touchscreens into products where they may be exposed to the challenging environments such as those found in cooking equipment.