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Capacitive Touchscreens have become the industry standard for infotainment, climate control, and more. Auto makers are quickly moving from tablets on the dash, to unique and stylish integrated displays that flow beautifully with the dash. The custom analog front end of aXiom allows it to handle these ultra-wide aspect ratios in a single chip solution.

Auto makers are also adding capacitive dials on top of their infotainment displays, often for climate or volume knobs. They’re even looking to add touch to exterior glass. Making these features work reliably takes much more than a standard touch controller, and aXiom was designed specifically to tackle these challenges. Ask us how!

All our products are qualified according to the AEC-Q100 standard. We operate at extended temperature ranges and comply fully with the stringent EN61000 4-6 Class A EMC specification. TouchNetix delivers quality you can trust.