aXiom Achieves ISO 26262 ASIL B Certification

Trondheim, Norway, 21st April 2023 – As increasingly more Human Machine Interface (HMI) functionality is integrated within automotive touchscreen systems, reliable and safe operation of these touchscreens and smart touch surfaces become exceedingly important.

Today, TouchNetix announces that the aXiom family of user interface chips has achieved Automotive Safety Integrity Level B (ASIL B) certification according to the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. The aXiom products are currently in volume production for automotive applications and the range is rapidly gaining popularity amongst product designers. aXiom’s single chip solution allows designers to enable additional features, such as 3D sensing outside the touchscreen, force sensing, and triggering of low latency haptics feedback. Furthermore, aXiom chips deliver unique performance for gloved HMI operation and where moisture and wet conditions are prevalent.

Enhanced safety and quality assurance are key tenets of TouchNetix’s mission to provide ‘better user experiences’ and this accreditation boosts TouchNetix’s credentials as a trusted provider of high-quality user interface chips and touch technology.

Dr. Gaute Myklebust, Chief Technology Officer of TouchNetix commented, “With the tremendous new design activity experience with our aXiom user interface chips, I am delighted to announce to our customers that the products are certified according to the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. As aXiom is ASIL B ready certified, our customers can quickly, and with the highest confidence reach the functional safety requirements for their products.”

The aXiom family of user interface chips (AX54A, AX80A, AX112A and AX198A) are in production and available now. Demo, evaluation, and development kits for all chips are also available. aXiom chips are qualified according to AEC-Q100.

The SGS TÜV Saar certification report and the Functional Safety Manual (FSM) are available upon request from TouchNetix, and the AX112A documentation package is available now.

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Company Background Info

TouchNetix is a global leader in creating innovative and safety-enhancing user experiences based on touch technology. The aXiom product family creates new and innovative features for modern product development. TouchNetix manufactures chips and touch sensor modules for a world-wide customer base with offices in Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Korea, Taiwan, and through several distribution partners.

TouchNetix’ aXiom chips are designed for the Automotive, Industrial, Appliance, Medical, Consumer, and other market’s touch and touchscreen user interfaces. aXiom enables touchless and 3D sensing above the surface, as well as force sensing touch alongside traditional multi-touch capabilities.

TouchNetix has decades of experience with capacitive touch technology and has a proven track record delivering to a global customer base. 

TouchNetix is QMS certified to ISO 9001 with an IATF-16949 certified supply chain, and aXiom chip products are qualified according to AEC-Q100 and are ASIL B ready certified.


Press Contact:

Asa Mallon

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – TouchNetix

Tel: +47 922 62 148


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