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Woory Industrial Selects aXiom for Hyundai Genesis GV80 HVAC Solution

Trondheim, Norway, 22nd November 2023 – TouchNetix, a leading provider of advanced touch solutions, today announces that its aXiom technology has been selected by Woory Industrial Co., Ltd. for the newly released Hyundai Genesis GV80. The aXiom AX54A chip operates the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) touch and force controls system within the centre console.

TouchNetix’ aXiom AX54A chip offers high performance multi-touch sensing and safety-enhancing force sensing technology integrated in a single chip.  The use of force-sensing avoids accidental user interaction and requires users to provide additional intent to safely operate the HVAC controls. The single chip aXiom solution for touch and force sensing saves space on the PCB, and reduces overall cost for the customer, while providing a modern, safety enhancing and more intuitive solution for the end user.

Moon Soo Byeon, Director of Research Engineering (R&D) at Woory Industrial commented, ‘It’s been a pleasure working with TouchNetix on the GV80 project. The AX54A chip delivers exceptional performance with force sensing and the dedicated support from the TouchNetix Engineering Team has proven pivotal from design through to mass production. TouchNetix’s commitment to quality and exceptional customer service have made them a trusted partner for the future.’

Vegard Wollan, CEO at TouchNetix added, ‘We’re thrilled to be selected by Woory Industrial, and Hyundai - a world leading automotive manufacturer. Our single-chip aXiom technology allows manufacturers to launch products with modern and safety-enhancing touch solutions. It’s been great collaborating with the Woory Industrial team on this project and we look forward to working with them again.’

The AX54A is the perfect chip for smaller touch and force solutions and delivers a whole host of additional features including: 

  • 3D proximity and hover sensing, enabling air gestures.
  • Unique multi-force sensing and low-latency haptic triggering.
  • Integrated support for passive and active Dial-on-Display.
  • Supporting curved shapes, thick lenses and finger guiding overlays.
  • Compatible with smart surfaces, including wood, plastic, foam, and leatherette.
  • Parallel multi-touch and multi-force, enabling safety-enhancing systemic redundancy.

The aXiom AX54A chip is available and in stock. For details on ordering and delivery, please contact

The Genesis GV80 is currently available for sale and the product listing can be found on the Genesis website. The images used in this release solely belong to Genesis.

Genesis is a subsidiary of the Hyundai Kia Motor Company.

Woory Industrial Co., Ltd. is a global automotive parts company headquartered in South Korea.

Exterior view of Genesis GV80. (Source: Genesis)
Interior view of Genesis GV80 centre console. (Source: Genesis)

Company Background Info

TouchNetix is a global leader in creating innovative and safety-enhancing user experiences based on touch technology. The aXiom product family creates new and innovative features for modern product development. TouchNetix manufactures chips and touch sensor modules for a world-wide customer base with offices in Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Korea, Taiwan and through several distribution partners.

TouchNetix’s aXiom chips are designed for all markets, including Automotive, Industrial, Appliance, Medical and Consumer markets. In addition to traditional multi-touch capabilities, aXiom enables touchless and 3D sensing above the surface, force-sensing as well as haptic triggering.

TouchNetix has decades of experience with capacitive touch technology and has a proven track record delivering to a global customer base. 

TouchNetix is QMS certified to ISO 9001 with an IATF-16949 certified supply chain, and aXiom chip products are qualified according to AEC-Q100 and are ASIL B ready certified.

Press Contact:

Asa Mallon

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – TouchNetix

Tel: +47 922 62 148