TouchNetix Capacitive Touch in Innovative Dual Screen Yotaphone Handset

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YotaPhone Selected TouchNetix as the Source of their Capacitive Touch Interfaces for their Highly Innovative new Dual Screen Mobile Handset

Whiteley, UK., Jan. 26th, 2014  — TouchNetix Ltd, the leading independent European provider of touch technology solutions, today announced Yota Devices selected TouchNetix Capacitive Touch Technology for their new dual display mobile phone handset. Yota selected TouchNetix as their design & delivery partner for their ability to develop a seamless new multi-function capacitive touch interface to complement and enhance the ground breaking Electronic Paper and Liquid Crystal Dual Display concept which allows important information to remain visible even when the handset is powered down.

Over the past year, TouchNetix has developed a true single layer touchscreen design, manufactured directly on the front lens of the handset to minimise thickness and weight and then coupled this with a capacitive gesture sensor alongside the Electronic Paper Display. The combined interfaces optimise usability, power consumption and functionality helping to deliver the most innovative mobile handset on the market today.

The YotaPhone has received excellent reviews from the market and industry for combining the best of smartphone and e-reader technologies and will change the way mobile handset owners think of and use their devices

“Yota Devices is a start-up company with big and bold new ideas” said Vlad Martynov, CEO for Yota Devices. “TouchNetix have delivered our YotaPhone touch interfaces through equally bold and creative thinking. We believe that the deep cooperation between our two companies during the development of the YotaPhone has delivered a truly innovative world class product.”

“The innovative thinking and openness of Yota Devices to new ideas is like a breath of fresh air” said Chris Ard, Managing Director of TouchNetix Ltd. “The YotaPhone dual screen concept has challenged conventional capacitive touch interface thinking; we have helped Yota to deliver a decisively differentiated product in a crowded mobile handset market.”

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