Multiple foundries for low risk

At TouchNetix we know that the capacitive touchscreen user interface is an absolutely critical component in your end product, defining how you are presented to your users and that any disruption in supply, however it might be caused would be a disaster for your business.

To eliminate supply chain risk, TouchNetix is partnered with some of the leading touchscreen factories in the world and well as being a direct partner in its own foundry in the UK. Due to the flexibility of our design tools and our deep knowledge of or foundry partner capabilities, designs can be transferred and multi-sourced as and when required with no impact on supply.

Although there are literally hundreds of factories competing for consumer and toy grade business in the touchscreen markets, very few of these factories (which were originally resistive touchscreen or LCD factories) can produce Industrial quality product.

TouchNetix approved factory partners are suppliers to some of the largest OEM’s in the world and have invested substantially in manufacturing infrastructure, quality tools and people skills to guarantee a state of the art product when they build and test to TouchNetix rigorous requirements.


Manufacturing in the UK for fast turn

For many industrial and other mission critical applications, the annual volume of sensors required can be relatively small, particularly during product ramp up. Many factories based in Asia are more comfortable building rather larger production runs to achieve their quality targets and yields. This approach means that OEM’s for lower volume projects where a standard product is not ideal are forced either compromise by making the standard product fit the requirement or to have higher purchase order minimums than they would prefer.

TouchNetix has partnered with M-Solv in the UK to establish a low to medium volume manufacturing capability for very high performance capacitive touchscreens based on glass substrates. The factory has been established as a ‘more digital’ facility which uses laser based processing of the ITO material to create the sensor structures; this means that tooling costs are kept to a minimum, the lead times are short and that the line can be run flexibly to accommodate particular customer needs which cannot be met in any other way.


Support tools for tuning in-situ

Once the first prototype or standard products are in our customers test lab or are being integrated into products, there is a need for some way to visualise the output of the touchscreens and to be able to adjust the parameters which are configurable to optimise performance. Some touchscreen vendors provide a ‘fixed configuration’ which is pseudo-optimised for a range of applications while other vendors require that the final touchscreen / end product assembly is sent to their should any additional tuning be needed.

TouchNetix provide all of our customers with the ability to tune their end product in their own facility. The TouchNetix support tools have been developed to allow full access to all tuning parameters as needed but also with an interface which makes basic level tuning simple. TouchNetix are also able to remotely view and participate in tuning activities as needed.

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We take full ownership

TouchNetix philosophy is simple. When we begin project discussions with you, we will determine whether it is possible to meet all of your goals for the capacitive touchscreen you need in your end product. If we don’t believe any aspects of your goals can be met, we will tell you in a clear and concise way and work with you to develop a realistic specification.

Once we have agreed your requirements and a specification, our mission is to take ownership of the appropriate parts of project to deliver what we have agreed in your end product. We don’t just deliver capacitive touchscreen design and components. We deliver a capacitive touchscreen solution.

Our promise - High performance capacitive touchscreens which work in your product

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