TouchNetix robust multi touch capacitive touchscreen for extreme EMC environments

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Date: February 2012

TouchNetix robust capacitive touchscreen module suits full multi-touch applications in extreme EMC environments

Touchnetix today announced the first product in their Brilliance series of projected capacitive touch screen modules. The TNxBR-104A001 is a complete 10.4” multi-touch module comprising a 2 mm chemically strengthened and abrasion resistant front glass, ITO on PET sensor, PCB flex tail for connectivity and a driver IC. Designed specifically for use in mission critical and high performance applications where conducted EMC is often high, the module complies with the rigorous requirements of the EN61000 4-6 Class A EMC specification. Typical end products that experience high levels of conducted EMC and dictate the need for robust environmental performance include kitchen appliances, industrial automation systems and high-end navigation devices. Other applications include point of sale, medical systems, and both factory-fitted and aftermarket automotive electronics.

The Brilliance series of modules provide engineers an easy, fast and straightforward way to incorporate multi-touch touchscreen capability within their design thus speeding time to market.

Up to 16 touch points can be tracked by the sensor, allowing the automatic rejection of unintended touches caused by the users palm or when the sensor area is wiped down. Gesture processing support is also provided allowing developers to design an intuitive and space efficient user interface.

George East, Director of Marketing, TouchNetix comments “We provide a turnkey approach for those customers with lower volumes than the mobile handset and PC sectors, and where the requirements are typically quite demanding. We deliver a solution that meets our customers’ needs through a combination of detailed knowledge of implementation and through design innovation based on 25+ man years of leading edge capacitive touch sensing experience”.

Overall panel dimensions are 269 x 188 mm, with an active touch area of 212 x 159 mm, providing a viewing area of 10.4 inch diagonal and a 4:3 aspect ratio. Overall panel thickness is 2.7 mm including the 2 mm strengthened glass front lens enabling bezel-free industrial designs. Interaction with the host is via either an I2C interface or a USB 2.0 HID interface that provides two methods of communication.

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