TouchNetix’ aXiom UI chip AX112 is now AEC-Q100 qualified

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The AX112 aXiom user interface chip has successfully completed the thorough Automotive Electronic Council Q100-6 qualification, and the product is ramping in volume production.  We have sampled the AX112 to our customers over the past two years and we are supplying the chip in volume. We have expanded our range of touchscreen UI chips with the AX54, AX80 and AX198 which are now sampling for design-in and product development. These chips are being AEC-Q100 qualified during the next 12 months.

The aXiom touchscreen UI chips offer 100 times the sensitivity of traditional touch-controllers, eliminating almost all design challenges for industrial and automotive applications. In addition to high performance multi-touch, the device supports proximity, hover, touchless user interfaces, 3D shaped surfaces, dial-on-display, force sensing, haptic feedback, sensing when water is present and use with gloves. All of this is achieved with no additional hardware or electrodes external to the standard touchscreen sensor.

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