One Device, Two Screens

YotaPhone handset


When Yota devices selected TouchNetix to design the capacitive user interfaces on its iconic and innovative Yotaphone they had determined that TouchNetix were best placed to develop the new and innovative touch technologies which were needed to complement the novel dual -screen approach which had been specified by Yota.

The front screen of the device needed a conventional state-of-the-art touchscreen but it needed to be significantly thinner than typical screens.

The rear screen of the device which is a gently curved eInk always-on display was to have a fully custom gesture sensor just beneath the display.

Both capacitive touch interfaces were defined and developed from scratch by TouchNetix and transferred to production in time for Yota to meet their product goals.

The front screen needed to be as thin as could practically achieved and so  TouchNetix selected a ‘One Glass Sensor’ approach where the touchscreen is fabricated directly on the singulated front lens once the decoration has already been printed. Although this technology had been used before with some severe compromises on multi-touch performance, TouchNetix simulation and design tools  were used to design a state of the art true single layer sensor (no cross-overs in the view area) which provided performance at the same level of a two layer sensor.

The rear sensor although simple in principle as a multi-channel ‘swipe ‘sensor to aid the flicking through pages and combined with ‘tap’ recognition had to be defined from scratch and able to run with few external components on a very low power microcontroller platform. This required from-scratch development of a custom touch controller and custom FPC based sensor. The development drew on the previous experience of the TouchNetix team of implementing capacitive touch gesture sensors in many mainstream mobile handsets.

The end results of these two custom developments provided a very satisfying and unique User Interface for the handset and which has received outstanding reviews.


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