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In 2014, Siemens Industrial Automation division selected TouchNetix to provide leading edge projected capacitive touchscreen technology for its next-generation HMI systems as part of its plans to replace resistive touchscreen technology with a more up to date capability.

Siemens requirements for reliability and flawless operation of their HMI industrial control systems meant that the development of an entirely new range of fully custom products with the very latest driver IC technology was needed.

TouchNetix engineers developed a range of highly noise tolerant sensors based on ITO glass substrates with a custom active tail assembly and which uses the latest generation of Atmel™ maXTouch™ capacitive touchscreen driver IC. The system has also been developed to provide support for ‘mouse mode’ emulation in the Windows™ operating system in both absolute and relative modes.

Significant design and processing enhancements during the development phase ensures that the sensors are able to survive the rigorous environmental testing necessary to guarantee performance in the field. The touchscreens are also designed to be tolerant of a range of electrically noisy displays typically used in industrial applications.

Touch performance of the integrated touchscreen assemblies is best in class, significantly exceeding the overall performance typically found in consumer applications and products, including where there is water present on the screen, where thick industrial gloves are in use by the operator and where there is a need to ‘wipe down’ the system without it responding unintentionally.


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