Noise-Tolerant Precision and Responsiveness



As a specialist automotive application in a strongly government regulated sector, the Quipment application provided a range of challenges  for the TouchNetix capacitive touchscreen designers.

The custom 7” touchscreen is based around a two-layer ITO on PET design with a custom decorated chemically strengthened glass front lens. The unit features an fully integrated ‘active’ tail where the driver IC is located.

Touch performance and responsiveness of the unit needed to be of the highest order to enable a taxi driver to operate the unit easily while the vehicle is in motion.

One of the biggest challenges faced was to meet the requirements to tolerate the level of electrical noise anticipated in the overall system.

By using a highly optimised sensor design coupled with a state-of-the-art Atmel™ maXTouch™ driver IC, TouchNetix engineers were able to meet the stringent requirements for injected current noise.


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