New Single-Chip aXiom Solution for Very Large Touchscreens

  • TouchNetix’ new AX198A user interface chip for ultra-wide displays up to 65”
  • Enables safety-enhancing features and better user experiences

Trondheim, Norway, 18th October 2022 – TouchNetix’ family of aXiom touchscreen user interface chips offer unique and safety-enhancing solutions. These chips are made for the next generation vehicle cockpits as the automotive industry increases its focus on more intuitive and enhanced user experiences.

The latest addition to the aXiom product family is the AX198A – supporting ultra-wide touchscreens up to 65” LCD and OLED display technologies in a single chip. The aXiom AX198A is automotive qualified and offers the markets highest report rate. Alongside traditional multi-touch, the aXiom products offer the following unique and safety-enhancing features:

  • 3D proximity and hover sensing, enabling air gestures.
  • Unique multi-force sensing and low-latency haptic feedback.
  • Parallel multi-touch and multi-force, enabling safety-enhancing systemic redundancy.
  • Integrated support for passive and active Dial-on-Display.
  • Supporting curved shapes, thick lenses and finger guiding overlays.
  • Unique sensing system which detects and suppresses moisture and water, even when using gloves.
  • Ultra-high Signal-to-Noise (SNR) system and narrow-band architecture lowers emissions while providing high immunity to conducted interference and injected noise.


The patented aXiom technology is gaining tremendous traction within the electric and premium vehicle markets where flexible aspect ratios and ultra-wide displays are becoming increasingly popular. Designers are continually seeking to integrate centre stack and other cockpit display functions into ultra-wide interfaces, and the AX198A is the perfect solution for this.

Vegard Wollan, Chief Executive Officer of TouchNetix commented, “I am extremely proud to announce our new flagship product within the aXiom family. We are offering the highest Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR) in the market and with the release of the AX198A user interface chip, we expand our capabilities to very large and ultra-wide dashboard screens. At TouchNetix we are committed to innovating new interior design solutions for the automotive industry. Our aXiom user interface chips enable safety-enhancing features and more intuitive user experiences.”

The aXiom family of user interface chips (AX54A, AX80A, AX112A and AX198A) are in production and available now. Demo, evaluation, and development kits for all chips are also available.  aXiom chips are qualified according to AEC-Q100, and the family is being ASIL ready certified.

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Company Background Info

TouchNetix is a global leader in creating innovative and safety-enhancing user experiences based on touch technology. The aXiom product family creates new and innovative features for modern product development. TouchNetix manufactures chips and touch sensor modules to a world-wide customer base with offices in Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Korea, Taiwan and through several distribution partners.

TouchNetix’ aXiom chips are designed for the Automotive, Appliance, Medical, and other Industrial market’s touch user interfaces. aXiom enables touchless and 3D sensing above the surface as well as force-sensing touch alongside traditional multi-touch capabilities. The solution requires no need for separate sensor technologies such as camera or infrared to enable 3D sensing.

TouchNetix has decades of experience with capacitive touch technology and has a proven track record delivering to a global customer base. 

TouchNetix is QMS certified to ISO 9001 with an IATF-16949 certified supply chain.


Press Contact:

Asa Mallon

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – TouchNetix

Tel: +47 922 62 148



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