Reliability in demanding environments

Aerospace touchscreens


Touchscreens can be used in a range of aerospace applications, from inflight entertainment right through to cockpit equipment including navigation systems and flight chart monitoring. 100% uptime and flawless operation is the expectation in aerospace touchscreen applications.

For military applications ranging from handheld devices to in-vehicle navigation, touchscreens are increasingly offering an easy-to-use interface for challenging situations. These mission critical applications require continuous reliable operation for many years in some of the most difficult and extreme operating environments.

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Whether being used outside in direct sunlight or in the extreme light conditions of an aeroplane, exceptional sunlight readability is critical. TouchNetix delivers rugged touchscreens that stand up to the elements with no unwanted optical effects.

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In hostile environments dust, moisture or grease may be deposited onto the touchscreen and operation must continue as normal. It is not practical to turn such devices off and wipe contaminants from the screen. TouchNetix touchscreens are carefully tuned to only respond to valid touches and can detect, classify and reject false inputs on the screen.



It is normal for operators to wear gloves in military or aviation scenarios. Consumer grade capacitive touchscreens cannot detect a gloved finger as the glove forms and insulating barrier between the finger and the screen.  TouchNetix touchscreens are tuned to work reliably even with heavyweight gloves.



In military and aviation environments conducted Electromagnetic interference(EMI) can be high. TouchNetix touchscreens are designed to comply with the rigourous EN61000 4-6 Class A Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) specification, even in parts of the spectrum where there may be enhanced levels of noise from radio transmitters etc. Emissions from TouchNetix touchscreens are also minimised through careful design and tuning.


TouchNetix has two standard ranges of industrial range capacitive touchscreen module products covering screen sizes up to 21.5” in diagonal. Alternatively to meet specific customer requirements TouchNetix will also develop custom touchscreen systems.

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  • We asked TouchNetix to provide a drop-in replacement for a product we had previously sourced from a company in Germany and where we had delivery, yield and performance problems. TouchNetix delivered the project on-time and exceeded our performance expectations

    Aerospace system manufacturer / Senior Engineer
  • I can't think of anything related to the project which could have gone more smoothly.

    Major Industrial Product OEM / Program Manager
  • On behalf of our R&D team I would like to thank you for the great effort you put in place on our oven and hob projects! This was a very complex and challenging electronic system, and was a key project for us. We are happy to see that working together we were able to achieve good results and to match the timing of mass production. Your professional support has been really appreciated by us

    Programme Manager / Major Global Appliance OEM
  • After several unsuccessful attempts to procure suitable capacitive touchscreens from the large number of vendors in Asia and their representatives in the EU, we are establishing a very strong relationship with TouchNetix as they have the ability to deliver and support everything that we need including for our most challenging applications.

    Specialist automotive product manufacturer / Programme Manager
  • After being let down by previous suppliers, we engaged with TouchNetix in Q3/2014 and have been impressed with their right-first-time philosophy. For time critical projects or where performance is critical, we wouldn't work with anyone else.

    Automotive Tier 1 Europe / Programme Manager
  • TouchNetix have delivered our YotaPhone touch interfaces through bold and creative thinking. We believe that the deep cooperation between our two companies during the development of the YotaPhone has delivered a truly innovative world class product.

    Yota Devices / CEO


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