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TouchNetix Announces Force Sensing Touchscreens Based on Game-Changing Technology

pressScreen offering set to deliver exciting new capacitive touch features to HMIs in industrial, medical, automotive & other demanding environments

FAREHAM, UK, 21st October 2015 – TouchNetix Ltd., the leading independent supplier of high performance projected capacitive touchscreens, today announced the availability of the first product to incorporate its proprietary pressScreen force sensing technology. This new 15” diagonal pressScreen is supplied on an ultra-compact stainless steel mounting frame in an easy to implement format complete with an I2C interfaced driver board.

Developed during the past three years specifically for industrial and similarly challenging applications, TouchNetix pressScreen now enables mouse-type functionality with the use of just a single finger on the touchscreen. Using newly developed capacitive measurement technology and a revolutionary new sensor structure and geometry to detect very small front lens displacements, this innovative interface allows entirely new use cases to be developed and improves touchscreen operability by overcoming the remaining limitations of capacitive touch. The new sensing technology has been designed from the ground up to be EMC tolerant and readily deployed even when fully sealed.  In addition, TouchNetix pressScreen technology can be used to define multiple thresholds of pressing force or alternatively deliver analogue data based on the degree of force applied. From this data, progressive applications such as ‘press-to-zoom’ can be realised.

Recently introduced ‘force touch’ and ‘3D touch’ technology in mobile handsets has captured the interest of end users. Although the primary purpose of employing force sensing in consumer and industrial products are currently quite different, the expectations of all end users are continuing to evolve and will merge over time.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers an entirely new level of HMI performance with our state-of-the-art industrial grade capacitive touchscreens,” said Chris Ard, Managing Director of TouchNetix. “Our business philosophy is to constantly strive for the higher performance benchmarks and added functionality that continue to enhance the end user experience and which are so critical to product differentiation and safety.

TouchNetix pressScreen technology has already been evaluated positively by a number of industrial OEMs and will be available over a range of sizes in line with customer demand in the coming months. The technology has been demonstrated successfully between 7” and 22” diagonal and can be fully customised to meet any end user application.

TouchNetix delivers the most advanced capacitive multi-touch performance through its expertise in electronics, sensor design, materials science and manufacturing technologies. The company’s sophisticated proprietary deployment tools and performance simulation techniques simplify the design-in process to ensure that projects are completed on-time and within the specification.

About TouchNetix

TouchNetix Ltd. is the leading European source for high performance and mission-critical multi-touch capacitive touchscreens. As the former Atmel Touch Products management team and with over 50 man-years of experience in capacitive touch technology, TouchNetix provides the Industrial, Medical, Automotive, POS and Commercial industries with complete touch system solutions over the widest range of screen sizes. Visit for more information.

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Chris Ard, Managing Director, TouchNetix Limited, Forum 3 Parkway, Solent Business Park, Whiteley,

Fareham, PO15 7FH United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1489 611832


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