Try Our Force Sensing Touchscreen in the I-Zone

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Display Week 2015

We will be demonstrating our new force sensing capacitive touchscreen technology in the I-Zone during the DISPLAY WEEK 2015 exhibition in San Jose on June 2nd – 3rd 2015.

This new force sensitive touchscreen technology has been developed for industrial, medical and automotive applications where the module must be completely sealed and is subject to shock, vibration and electrical noise.

The use of force sensing as an extra ‘layer’ in the HMI system helps to determine user intent and can be used to completely gate out unintended touch by the user and can also be used to correctly enable ‘haptic effects’ with the addition of suitable hardware.

TouchNetix force sensing touchscreen technology has been designed to be implemented on screen sizes from 5″ to 24″ diagonal.

The technology works by measuring a tiny displacement of the capacitive touchscreen front lens either as an analog signal or more usually with multiple defined force thresholds. The force data is combined with the multi-touch data and by default, is reported to the Windows(TM) operating system as an HID device. This device can be configured to work either as a relative or as an absolute mouse depending on the application requirement.

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