Force Sensing Industrial Touch Screen

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TouchNetix introduces its innovative capacitive pressScreen technology.

One of the strengths of multi-touch capacitive touchscreens is that they respond to lightest of fingertip touch which means they are great for gently flicking and scrolling and zooming web pages and for other similar applications in many end user products.

In some applications, it is useful to have a more positive ‘action’ on the touchscreen. For example, if the user can only use one outstretched hand or where the touchscreen is subject to movement while in use, positioning the finger before registering a touch position leads to much better accuracy. In other cases, there is an absolute requirement that the screen should not respond to a touch unless the user makes a positive ‘press’ of the screen once the finger is seen to be in the right place, this is the case in medical applications where conductive liquids can accidentally activate the screen..

The TouchNetix force sensing industrial touch screen adds an ‘extra layer’ of user intent information (based on the user finger pressure) to the capacitive touch data. Apple(TM) has now introduced a similar technology on its products which it calls Force Touch or 3D Touch. These data streams are then combined and delivered to the operating system or application in an appropriate format.

The system is engineered to operate in the harshest of environmental conditions including high EMC, shock and vibration and is designed to be built into a fully sealed front panel.

see or contact us for more information about our Force Touch Screen technology.

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