aXiom – Advanced Touchscreen Driver IC


Simplifies the touchscreen design process in every way.

TouchNetix announces a new approach to capacitive touch technology with the release of aXiom – the first touchscreen controller IC designed to address the specific needs of Industrial and Automotive touchscreen applications. The result of a successful collaboration between the leading European Industrial Touchscreen specialists – TouchNetix – and a group of microcontroller and touch industry veterans – MyWo AS – the aXiom IC is a world class solution to meet the needs of todays leading industrial designers.

Automotive Touchscreen IC





A unique analog front end which is almost immune to outside noise coupled with a powerful DSP engine makes designing with the aXiom chip easy even in the most harsh and extreme EMC environments. All achieved while keeping emissions low.


80dB SNR:


SNR is the key to unlock new features and ideas for UI’s which have only been dreamed of to this point. Fixed or varying thickness 3D-surfaces of 15mm of plastic or more and even air gaps in the stack are possible due to the aXiom IC’s unique architecture.




Designed from the ground up to support the latest and most advanced demands for user interfaces where seamless integration of touch, force sensing and haptic control with zero latency allows features such as pre-select and zoom-on-approach to be realised.


  • 2004
  • 2006
  • 2008
  • 2010
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  • 2016
  • 2018
  • 2004: TouchNetix Founders Join Quantum Research Group

    TouchNetix Founders Join Quantum Research Group

    Hundreds of diverse capacitive touch projects are addressed in industrial, home appliance and consumer products. Quantum Research Group pioneers the technology. Definitive knowledge of deploying capacitive touch solutions in challenging applications is acquired.

  • 2006: First Capacitive Touchscreens In Mobile Handsets

    First Capacitive Touchscreens In Mobile Handests

    Capacitive touch technology adoption in mobile handsets ramps rapidly, driven by the success of the iPod™ and iPhone™. Quantum Research Group becomes a major player by delivering products that enable the major mobile handset OEM’s to deliver innovative industrial designs by adding new functionality to their products.

  • 2008: Quantum Research Group Acquired by Atmel Corp

    TouchNetix Founders become the management team for Atmel touch products group, providing the knowledge base and momentum to drive the development first maXTouch™ IC’s. These IC’s become dominant in the mobile handset, tablet PC & other consumer electronics markets.

  • 2010: TouchNetix Ltd. Founded

    TouchNetix is founded by four of the members of the Atmel touch management team when they leave to address specialist and challenging Touchscreen Applications for medium and low volume products, mostly in the areas of Industrial, Medical, Home Appliance and other Vertical Markets.

  • 2012: TouchNetix Announces Full Industrial Grade Touchscreens

    Using proprietary sensor designs and materials and with careful tuning, TouchNetix announces the availability of long-lifespan touchscreens which fully conform to EN61000 test requirements. TouchNetix announces that Siemens Industrial Automation use their touchscreens.

  • 2014: TouchNetix Announces force Sensing Touchscreens

    TouchNetix announces force sensing touchscreens designed to work in mission critical environments for Industrial, Medical and Marine applications. The force sensing uses a proprietary capacitance based measurement approach which can be fully sealed and which can measure less than 10 microns of displacement.

  • 2016: TouchNetix and MyWo Partnership

    Based on many of years design experience in challenging touchscreen applications, TouchNetix define the next generation concept for a touchscreen driver IC which specifically addresses the specialist needs for Industrial and Automotive markets. A partnership with MyWo AS is established to bring the concept to market.

  • 2018: TouchNetix Launches aXiom

    TouchNetix announce the availability of aXiom, the first touchscreen driver IC designed specifically for Industrial and Automotive markets. The IC provides an ultra-high SNR which simplifies the design process and allows the full range of OEM specifications to be met for the first time.



Siemens Industrial Automation selected TouchNetix leading edge touchscreen technology for their most demanding HMI product range. The combination of the proprietary touchscreen designs coupled with the unrivalled TouchNetix experience gave the confidence needed for the systems to be deployed in the most aggressive of environments.


When it really counts, TouchNetix is relied on by the market leading OEM’s to provide levels of touchscreen usability and reliability in the most challenging of environments when peoples lives depend on it. Philips Medical selected TouchNetix to develop an innovative touchscreen which is used in critical patient centric monitoring systems.


TouchNetix ability to develop high performance touchscreen units for use in marine applications was highly prized by Raymarine when they developed their leading edge HMI systems for deployment in boats which needed good tolerance for water on the surface and high levels of EMC compliance.


Topcon selected TouchNetix to develop the touch technology for their latest generation of Agricultural machine control and autosteering units. Nothing less than flawless operation under all conditions in these systems is acceptable as mis-operation in the field can lead to disasater.


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