Excellent Capacitive Touch Technology

Excellent capacitive touchscreens with the best possible multi-touch user experience for the most demanding applications.

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The TouchNetix mission is clear.: Design and deliver excellent capacitive touch technology

Capacitive Touch Technology is beginning to dominate the Smartphone and Mobile Internet Device markets. End users enjoy the experience of using touch technology to interact through the increasingly rich multimedia experiences being delivered by the latest operating system environments.

This level of user satisfaction is translating rapidly into expectations for similar interaction with a wider range of devices and where the advantages of Touch Technology are even more obvious.

Why Use a Capacitive Touch Interface in Your Product?

  • Users Love Them!
  • Light Touch Action - No Need to Press
  • True Multi Finger Inputs - Drives Innovative User Interfaces
  • Rejecting unintentional touches
  • Difficult to Damage
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • The Transition to Capacitive Touch is Happening Now

TouchNetix Can Help You to Diffentiate Your Product

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